Q: What is the average cost of a fence?

A: Most Memphis fence companies charge anywhere from 13.5 per liner foot to 17.5 per liner foot for traditional 6ft wood fences. We are a Memphis fence company that coins the phrase "lowest possible price;" we have upped the ante on quality fencing and continue to be affordably lower than all reputable fence companies in Memphis, guaranteed.

Q: What type of fencing does Alliance Fence install?

A: We are a fence company in Memphis that installs treated and cedar wood fencing, commercial and residential chain-link fencing, vinyl fencing, razor and barbwire fencing, cattle fencing, dog kennels, custom built fences and deck fencing.

Q: How long does it take to build a fence?

A: Alliance Fence Co. in Memphis prides itself on timely completion of your new or repaired fence. Most fence jobs are completed in one to three business days depending on the weather and footage of the fence.

Q: Are fence estimates free?

A: Most fence companies in Memphis claim to give free estimates, but are 15 to 20% higher in overall cost than Alliance Fence on average. At Alliance, varying location, estimates are free at signing. We provide quality fencing at the lowest possible price guaranteed. From start to finish we look at the bottom dollar, saving you time and money at every opportunity. We provide you with an emailed estimate that you may quickly email to other fence companies without taking off work, or waiting for them to come to your home. Estimates include a diagram with liner footage and description of your fence, pictures of your type of fence as well an explanation of our cash back opportunities.

Q: What kind of guarantee does Alliance Fence offer?

A: We are a fence company in Memphis that stands behind our quality work. We guarantee the work on your new or repaired fence for up to 30 days for preferred customers.

Q: Do you provide discounts to military and senior citizens?

A: We are a family owned and operated Memphis fence company that salutes our veterans, and supports our seniors! We proudly give 10% off the total cost of your new fence if you are a veteran or a senior citizen.

Q: Do you give cash back on referrals?

A: At Alliance Fence we give 5% cash back (up to $100) on every referal. We started this opportunity for those who love money back and enjoyed their experience with Alliance Fence in Memphis so much they just had to spread the good word. Tell enough people about Alliance and your fence is FREE! Alliance Fence... your best ally for everything fencing.